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Cipla empowers Sanofi India’s CNS brands with exclusive partnership

Explore how Sanofi India’s exclusive partnership with Cipla for CNS product distribution aims to enhance patient access, leveraging Cipla’s extensive network and Sanofi’s established CNS brands.

Sanofi India has recently announced an exclusive partnership with Cipla, a leading pharmaceutical company, for the distribution and promotion of its central nervous system (CNS) product range in India. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance access to high-quality CNS treatments for patients across the country.

Partnership Details

Under the partnership, Cipla will be responsible for distributing Sanofi India’s six CNS brands, including the popular anti-epileptic medication Frisium. While Sanofi India will retain ownership and manufacturing responsibilities for its CNS products, Cipla will leverage its extensive network of marketing and sales professionals, distributors, and institutions to expand the reach of these treatments.

Sanofi India’s Perspective

Rodolfo Hrosz, Managing Director of Sanofi India, expressed confidence in Cipla’s capabilities to expand the reach of their CNS product portfolio. He emphasized the importance of this partnership in improving access to these life-changing treatments for patients across India.

Cipla’s Commitment to Accessibility

Achin Gupta, CEO of Cipla’s One India Business, highlighted the company’s commitment to enhancing access to high-quality treatments. He expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with Sanofi India to address the unmet needs of patients in the CNS therapy area.

Industry Impact

The CNS therapy area is known for its challenges, and this partnership between Sanofi India and Cipla is seen as a significant step forward in addressing these challenges. The collaboration is expected to bring value to patients by improving access to efficacious and quality therapeutic solutions.

Sanofi India’s Product Portfolio

Sanofi India offers a wide range of medicines across therapy areas such as diabetes, cardiology, thrombosis, CNS, and anti-histamines. The company’s products are distributed in India and exported to various countries around the world.

Cipla’s Global Presence

Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company with a focus on agile and sustainable growth. The company’s presence extends to markets such as India, South Africa, North America, and key regulated and emerging markets.

Market Performance

As of the latest trading session, Cipla was trading at Rs 1478.45 (+0.42%) at the National Stock Exchange (NSE), while Sanofi India was trading at Rs 8040 (+4.30%). These stock movements reflect the market’s positive reaction to the partnership announcement.


The partnership between Sanofi India and Cipla represents a significant development in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. By leveraging each other’s strengths, the two companies aim to improve access to high-quality CNS treatments and address the unmet needs of patients across India.

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