Charts are refreshing automatically every 5 mins and all drawings vanish.please resolve bug

My charts are refreshing automatically every 5 mins.i already try all the possible solution. However, it doesn’t work. Kindly resolve the bug

hI @kunal.pgp2013 Welcome to the Community!

Can you please help us with your Client code over DM? We’ll get this looked into.

Where is DM tab in this. There is no option for DM

We have sent you a DM again, please check.


My client I’d is B114329

, the problem still persists. All charts are refreshing in 5-10 mins automatically.

@kunal.pgp2013 The team is looking into the issue, can you please share the video so that we can understand what could be causing the issue?

No video can be attached here. Please share where to upload video

Hi @kunal.pgp2013 We have sent you a DM, please check!