Brokerage Plan Issue

I am a new customer, and I find that for delivery, it also says 20/order. Why is my brokerage different from others? Below are the details. When I am trying to create a ticket, I get an error as the ticket not created.


Demat account number: 1203320296333878
DP ID: 12033202
Contact : 9535764444

Brokerage & Charges

iTrade Prime+

Order wise Brokerage
Trade Type
Brokerage Amount
₹ 20/order

Intraday, F&O, Currency and Commodity
₹ 20/order

Kindly rectify this issue, please.

Thank you,

Hi @Raghu8844 We are sorry to hear about your disappointment and will definetly look into the issue. Since there is no private messaging option here on Community & we do not encourage our clients to share their private information publicly, we request you to visit this link: 4and share your details. We’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

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Thanks for the response and I have filled out the form, Kindly look on to this issue, please.