Baja Electric net sales decreased in cmapriosn to last year

In December 2023, Bajaj Electric recorded net sales of Rs 1,228.24 crore, showing a decrease of 17.26% from Rs 1,484.49 crore in December 2022. The quarterly net profit for December 2023 was Rs 37.36 crore, indicating a significant 38.87% decline from Rs 61.12 crore in December 2022. EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) reached Rs 100.37 crore in December 2023, marking a 15.87% decrease from Rs 119.31 crore in December 2022.

Bajaj Electric’s earnings per share (EPS) decreased to Rs 3.25 in December 2023 from Rs 5.31 in December 2022.