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Azim Premji Bets Big On AI With a $10 Billion Fund

Premji Invest, led by Azim Premji, focuses on doubling investments within the AI sector, aligning with global trends and driving innovation across sectors.

Image source: Hindustan Times

Premji, the founder of Wipro Ltd., established Premji Invests as an investment entity aimed at generating profits to fuel his philanthropic initiatives. With a focus on supporting humanitarian causes in India, he has dedicated a significant portion of his wealth to this. PremjiInvest manages its assets across private investments, publicly traded equities, and allocations to other funds. Annually, approximately 5% of the capital managed by PremjiInvest is directed towards Premji’s philanthropic cause.

AI Investment Plans

PremjiInvest, the leading Indian family office overseeing a portfolio exceeding $10 billion on behalf of Azim Premji, plans to increase and double its investments in the Artificial Intelligence sector and refine its custom AI investment instruments, having been among the early adopters of AI tools in private equity within India, the company is presently developing an AI-driven quantitative model for its investments in public markets as well.

Investment firms worldwide, including prominent players like BlackRock Inc. and SoftBank Group Corp, are increasingly immersing themselves in the AI domain to analyze real-time data streams for valuable market insights. There’s a growing interest among companies to allocate more capital to this sector. PremjiInvest initiated the development of AI technology three years ago, assembling a team of 14 skilled AI engineers. Alongside, they’ve been supporting companies venturing into the AI sector. PremjiInvest has provided backing to companies such as Cohesity Inc., a data-management software firm, Holistic AI, an enterprise software business headquartered in London, as well as Ikigai and Pixis, which operate within the same sector.

Senior Executive’s Comments

TK Kurien, who serves as the managing partner and chief investment officer, intends to provide open access to some of their AI tools for open-source developers. Having accumulated over 16 years of operational expertise at Wipro, Kurien is now focused on identifying investment opportunities in the US by expressing his interest in companies possessing cutting-edge technologies that could be introduced to India. In the US public-market portfolio, PremjiInvest holds approximately 35 to 40 diversified stocks, with a combined value nearing $350 million. Among its notable holdings are significant positions in discount broker Robinhood, as well as prominent Big Tech companies such as Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon.


In conclusion, Premji Invest has identified a growing recognition of the transformative potential of artificial intelligence across industries. This move aligns with broader trends where major players in both tech and finance are pouring resources into AI research and development. As AI continues to evolve and permeate various sectors, investments like Premji’s are likely to catalyze innovation and accelerate the adoption of AI-driven solutions.

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