Angel One STT charges on ETF are 100 times than Zerodha

STT Charges for ETF Investment are 0.1% but on zerodha it’s 0.001%. it means we have to pay 100 times if we use Angel One. If we invest 10 lakh we have to pay 1000 rs. as STT Charges but in case of Zerodha we have to pay 10 rs. Only.

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Hey @Ankit,
Wanted to clarify that Angel One doesn’t charge any extra fees beyond the standard rates.

The STT charges for Stock are as follows:

  • Delivery → 0.1% on both BUY and SELL
  • ETF → 0.01% only on SELL

This means that when you sell your ETFs, you will have to pay 0.01% STT charge and not 0.1%.
Here is the screenshot of the breakdown of the charges for your reference.

In the order above, the trade value is 194770, and the STT charge for this is 1.95, which is exactly 0.01%.
I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.