Angel One app to add BSE index F&O trading soon!

Hey Traders,

We’re excited to announce that we’re soon launching BSE Index F&O trading on our platform. This means that you’ll be able to trade futures and options contracts on BSE indices like Sensex directly from your Angel One app.

If you have already activated the F&O segment on your Angel One app, your BSE F&O will be automatically activated and you do not need to upload anything more. However, if the F&O segment is not active on your account, you can learn how to do that here.

Once your F&O segment is activated, you can start trading BSE Index F&O contracts by adding them to your watchlist and accessing their charts and option chains.

Here’s why you should trade in BSE index derivatives:

  • You can deploy your F&O capital on Fridays as well, in addition to the existing expiry days of Nifty index options.
  • BSE has reduced the lot sizes of its index derivatives, allowing you to place smaller bets with lower risks.
  • BSE has waived any Sensex and Bankex derivatives contract transaction charges until March 2024 - so you bear less cost per trade.

How to trade BSE Index F&O on Angel One:

  1. Open your Angel One app and search for a BSE index like Sensex from the search bar at the top. Add the index to your watchlist.
  2. Click on the index to go to its detailed page and then open its option chain. Choose an option contract from the option chain.
  3. You can also directly find and choose a particular future or option contract from the search bar itself.
  4. Then place the order to buy or sell the future/option and track your position from the Position section under ‘ORDERS’.
  5. You can add F&O on BSE indices to any basket and place a basket order.
  6. Your total charges will reflect the charges involved in BSE F&O trades.

Note: BSE Sensex & Bankex derivatives may currently have low volumes. As a result, intraday orders in BSE F&O segments are currently restricted. Moreover, you can currently only place limit orders on BSE F&O since the bid-ask spread for market orders could be wide.

To know more detailed information about the upcoming upgrades regarding this feature, you can check out our blog here.

Happy trading!