Aether Industries unveils cutting-edge polyols manufacturing tech for a sustainable tomorrow

The FIIs raised their stake in the company from 1.87% in June 2023 to 2.44% in September 2023.

During Tuesday’s deals, the shares of Aether Industries Limited zoomed by 0.45%. Furthermore, the scrip witnessed a spurt in volume by more than 2.09 times. The company’s current market capitalisation is Rs 11,965.98 crore.

Recent development:
The company has announced a milestone partnership with H.B. Fuller and Saudi Aramco Technologies Company. This collaboration marks the commercialization of the sustainable ConvergeÒ polyols technology, following Aether’s previous licensing announcement for its development, manufacturing, and commercialisation.

The ConvergeÒ polyols technology is a breakthrough in sustainable manufacturing, validated at a pre-commercial scale with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. It introduces a novel approach to producing more sustainable polyols, capable of containing up to 40% of carbon dioxide by weight, thereby contributing to a significant reduction in overall CO2 emissions. These polyols, designed for the CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers) industry, present a differentiated series of products with promising applications.

The commercialisation of these innovative polyols holds substantial revenue potential, targeting a market size of 850 KTA (850,000 MT per year) with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5%. This is part of the broader CASE industry polyol market, exceeding 10,000 KTA.

About the company
Founded in 2013, Aether Industries Limited specializes in the manufacturing of speciality chemicals. The company holds the distinction of being the exclusive Indian manufacturer for a range of chemicals, including 4-(2-Methoxyethyl) Phenol (4MEP), 3-Methoxy-2-Methylbenzoyl Chloride (MMBC), Thiophene-2-Ethanol (T2E), Ortho Tolyl Benzo Nitrile (OTBN), N-Octyl-D-Glucamine, Delta-Valerolactone, and Bifenthrin Alcohol.

Business Vertical
The company strategically diversifies its business across various sectors for resilience and growth. Pharma dominates at 47.6%, showcasing a focus on healthcare innovation. Agro follows at 31.5%, aligning with global agribusiness demands.
Material Science, at 5.9%, highlights commitment to advanced materials. Photography (4.3%) reflects tech trends in visual arts. Coatings (3.5%) emphasise protective solutions, while other ventures (7.2%) showcase exploration in diverse markets.
This balanced approach across sectors exhibits the company’s adaptability and versatility for sustained growth.

Shareholding pattern
Recently, the FIIs raised their stake in the company from 1.87% in June 2023 to 2.44% in September 2023.

The surge in stakes from Foreign Institutional Investors not only indicates positive momentum for the company’s future growth but also reflects an optimistic outlook. Furthermore, this heightened FII involvement instils confidence among retail investors, contributing to an overall positive sentiment towards the company.
Furthermore, the stock has witnessed significant buying activity as it has given returns of more than 14% in the last 1 month.

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