Adding Index in watchlist and CPR indicator

Option of adding Index like Banknifty, nifty metal, nifty IT is still not available in app.

Also please provide CPR indicator in tradingview along with previous day high low levels.

In charts, if we change the color of the candles and save it, then after restarting the charts, the candle colors restore to default. Kindly resolve this issue.

Last but not the least, kindly provide option to view multiple chart layouts in single screen.

Hey Rakesh,
Indices addition to watchlist will be available from 25th May. Initially, we will start with 4 indices → Nifty 50, S&P BSE Sensex, Fin-Nifty and Bank nifty.
Testing is ongoing for other all the available indices and those will be available very soon.

Hey @shourya1 - Thanks for the update, I was able to add these four indexes to my watchlist
Nifty/Banknifty/Sensex/Finnifty. Could we possibly add IndiaVix as that is also a very important chat that traders look at for option premiums. For that I have to go to other websites, that would be a great addition to watchlist for options sellers at least.