Add today's G/L for portfolio on hover in web app

Can we add today’s G/L to portfolio, similar to new feature where when we hover over orders it shows today’s G/L. It would be very beneficial

hey piyush,
Let me see what i can do here. Honestly, i don’t see a use case for this. The idea behind showing a callout on orders was that it shows a quick peak into your total G/L of your active positions. This is for users who are using screens other than positions (like charts, option chain etc) and quickly want to track running G/L of their open positions. Portfolio does not have this use case.

Nonetheless, i will look into it. Thanks for the feedback though ! Please keep them coming

Hey Shourya,
I guess you are thinking from only a traders perspective who only have open positions in F&O but for what about for the traders who have stock positions (not intraday). I trade both stocks as well as F&O and believe me my today’s G/L moves faster in my portfolio(stocks) then positions(F&O) as I trade in stock options of monthly expiry instead of nifty/BN with weekly expiry. so to track my daily G/L in portfolio i have to go to portfolio every time if I am on any other screen, but I guess from AngelOne perspective it may depend on how many users are having such portfolio and usability to implement it. I agree there with you and I appreciate you looking at it.
FYI, I have also provided a lots of ideas earlier if you can filter using my posts you may see them which i guess help a larger audience (like creating a basket of equity/options/future etc which when you click on buy/sell can automatically buy sell for you). I have many more ideas which I will post as soon as I get time. Thanks for looking into my post.