Add option from positions to watchlist

Hello @AngelOne ,
I couldn’t find to add how can i add an option/stocks/future from my positions to watchlist. It would be nice if i could add them to a watchlist so that i can track their movements directly from watchlist.
Currently to add any option to watchlist i have to go to option watchlist and go to that strike to add that to watchlist which is too many steps. If I could directly add them to my watchlist directly from my positions it would be great.

I am asking this mostly for options of a particular strike as we have stocks in watchlist and i can go ahead and buy/sell from options chain directly but I want to add my open positions to a different watchlist to easily track the movements of those particular strikes independently. I can see that there is a menu (three dot) option on each position where a option can be added saying “Add to watchlist” on web portal. Please let me know the feasibility about the same. Thanks!