About the Support category

Support Category for Angel One Customer Queries: Get assistance with your Angel One account, trades, technical issues, and general inquiries here.

This category is specifically for users seeking support related to their Angel One accounts, including queries about trading, account management, technical issues, and general assistance. This one is dedicated solely to addressing Angel One-related queries, ensuring a focused and specialized approach to customer support.

Angel One Community Guidelines:

  1. Create a Support Ticket: Whenever you encounter an issue or have a query related to your Angel One account, always create a support ticket. Share your ticket reference number along with your query for faster assistance.
  2. Search Before Posting: Before posting your query, use relevant keywords to search the community forum. Check if a similar query has been raised before and if solutions have been provided. This helps in avoiding duplicate queries and saves time for both users and support teams.
  3. Allow 48 Hours for Response: After posting your query and sharing your support ticket reference number, please allow up to 48 hours for our team to address your request. We strive to resolve queries promptly, but some complex issues may require additional time.
  4. Do Not Share Personal Information Publicly: For your security and privacy, refrain from sharing any personal details such as client code, PAN card number, mobile number, Aadhar card, email address, etc., publicly on the community platform. This information can be misused, and Angel One will not be responsible for any consequences arising from such sharing.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a helpful and secure community environment where users can receive efficient support for their Angel One queries without compromising their privacy or security. Thank you for your cooperation.