A Year of Trading Together : December Updates on the AngelOne Web trading platform

We are about to close the curtain on a fantastic year. Incredible transformation has taken place on our web trading platform - all thanks to your valuable feedbacks & input! Your feedback has been our guiding star, leading us to make the platform more user-friendly and accessible. We’ve got more in the pipeline to make your trading experience even more enjoyable.
Here is a rundown of the things we’ve built for you this month -

Position Adjustment for Options:

With this latest update, handling multiple open option positions is a breeze.
Shift or roll your options positions with a single click to save time and minimize slippage. A basket-like interface shows the positions you are exiting from & entering into in a single panel, so that you can easily track the p&l and price movement of each. It also offers smart suggestions for entry positions. Right now, it’s available for NSE-FO & BSE-FO options only.

How to access it ? Just hover on any NSE-FO or BSE-FO option positions (on the positions page) and you’ll see an adjust position icon OR click on “select & exit” and then at the bottom, “adjust positions”.

Click on it and a panel (see the image below) will open, where your exit position (the one on which you clicked “adjust position”) is already prefilled. Now just simply select your entry position from search, option chain or our smart suggestions & click on “preview adjustment”. Cross check your selection & confirm your order. Done! Position adjusted!

2. Updates on Watchlist:

Open position indication on watchlist - Now you see your open position G/L directly on the watchlist. To track the position from watchlist, simply go to the watchlist in which you have added the open position OR add the open position to any watchlist (by search or through option chain → Add to watchlist) and hover over it to see the G/L as well as the Avg Price. The little green icon also shows if your position is in profit or loss (icon will be red) and is visible at all times while the position is open.

Watchlist customization - You can now customize the way your watchlist looks like by selecting what all data points you want to see. Just click on watchlist settings & select how you want to see your LTP. You can also select if you want to see market mover tags & portfolio holdings.

Filter by flags - Now filter your watchlist with items that you have flagged. Simple click on watchlist filter & select the flag colour (or colours) that you want to filter the watchlist with.

Add to another watchlist - You can now add, in one go, items in one watchlist to other watchlists. Hover over the item that you want to add to other watchlist(s) & then on the 3 dot menu, select “Add to Other watchlist”. A small box beside it will open with your existing watchlist names. Select the watchlists in which you want to see the selected stock & it will be added.

3. Provisional P&L:

Now you can see exactly how much profit/loss you made whenever you sell your portfolio holdings. Portfolio P&L confuses a lot of people when they partially sell off a holding, as it operates on FIFO mechanism (it doesn’t matter when you sell ALL your quantities of a particular stock). With this tool, we are giving you utmost clarity about your BUY/SELL value, your (provisional) charges for squaring off this trade & the (provisional) final P&L for this trade/square off.

Provisional P&L will be visible on the orderpad whenever you are trying to square off (partially or fully) your portfolio holdings.

4. Updates on Stop Loss:

Percentage toggle on SL orderpad - You can set your stop loss by putting in the percentage value, For ex- 5% or 10%, and we will automatically calculate the exact & value & populate it. Before this, you had to enter the exact price at which you want the SL to be triggered.

Trailing stop loss on bracket Order- Trail your stop loss (on bracket order only) by entering the value rupee value in the trailing stop loss field. This allows you to move or shift the stop loss if the trade goes in your favour and protect your profit or minimise your loss.

5. OCO on GTT (Good 'Till Triggered):

Now you can execute your GTT orders with 2 legs.
For new positions - Target trigger (entry) & Stop loss (exit) legs can be set
For GTT Existing positions (Like in portfolio or positions) - Target (square off) & Stop Loss (exit) legs.

This is an OCO (one cancels the other) order. If one legs gets executed, the other leg will automatically get cancelled.

6. Updated Market Depth:

We have revamped the market depth widget. The new widget (which can be triggered with F6 key or from various other places through mouse or trackpad) sports a new UI, a search bar wherein you can see quotes & depth for any scrip or contract & OHLC + Best 5 in one view. You can now also buy/sell, add to watchlist or open chart directly from the market depth widget.

7. Basket orders

  • Now place upto 50 orders in a single basket. Previously, you could place upto 20 orders in one go. This is useful for traders executing option strategies in large quantities.

  • Now you can also “retry” your failed orders on the basket order summary page.

  1. Exit All -

We have changed the look & feel of the exit all sequence. This will allow you to see live status of the positions you have performed exit-all on & you can retry rejected ((if any) orders from this component directly.

Thats it folks for this year. We have a lot more fuel & passion left in us and you will be seeing more nad more bleeding edge features on the web platform, that’s our new year resolution :smiley:
This is the Web team signing off fow now, have a very happy & a profitable new year ahead :beers:

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I appreciate the changes.

But monthly and weekly charts there are bugs as last 2 candles shows as same. I have shared the screenshot also. You can search the same from my mail id.

The issue was highlighted in Nov 23 after opening account but same has not been resolved till now.

Hope this will be resolved soon.

how to set buying target sl target and sell target together in swing trading