A feature to set max % difference on market order

Hi @AngelOne ,Ive been doing lot of scalping but using multiple options together I had to use market orders . But recently I came across a broker named Shoonya has a feature to setup a specific percent a market order can be executed , as by default it gets executed with LTP to 3% but if we also get an option to do that , we ll setup something like 1 or 2 % .

For example if LTP is 100 and I want to buy market orders , orders gets execute at max of 103 but if we setup like 1% then order will get executed only at max of 101 thus we can prevent buying at over priced . For better understanding it’s like a feature in nest terminal on square of section to setup % on market square off ,I request angelone to develop this feature on market buy and sell orders .

Hi @deepakchandar Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback, we have raised this to the concerned team, we shall update you once this is available :slight_smile:

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