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Zomato Bring India’s First Crowd-Supported Weather Monitoring Service

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal on Wednesday, announced the launch of WeatherUnion.com, India’s First crowd-supported weather monitoring service

The Chief Executive Officer of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal has unveiled India’s first crowd-supported weather monitoring infrastructure, WeatherUnion.com. It is currently available across 45 major cities, Zomato is planning to expand this network to other Indian cities in the near future.

About the weather infrastructure

With over 650 on-ground weather stations, The unveiled WeatherUnion.com boasts India’s largest private infrastructure dedicated to weather monitoring. This proprietary network will be offering real-time data on crucial weather metrics like temperature, humidity, wind speed, and rainfall, customised to specific locations. Initially, this is going to cover 45 major cities, Zomato plans to broaden its reach to include more Indian urban centres soon. By leveraging crowd support, WeatherUnion.com fills a vital gap in India’s weather monitoring landscape, providing accurate and localised information crucial for various sectors, including agriculture, transportation, and disaster management. Zomato’s commitment to expanding this network has shown its dedication of leveraging the technology for broader societal benefits beyond its core business in the food delivery sector.

Zomato Collaborates with CAS

For this initiative, Zomato has collaborated with the Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi for the development of WeatherUnion.com, This collaboration has demonstrated Zomato’s commitment towards advancing the weather infrastructure. By involving academic and research institutions, Zomato is planning to foster broader collaboration and it also expects other entities to take the benefits of this innovative initiative, which will further enhance the weather monitoring capabilities across various sectors in India.

Deepinder Goyal on this initiative

Deepinder Goyal has said that this data holds an important potential in unlocking the weather use cases for enterprises and institutions, pre-awareness of the weather conditions will help the enterprises in making informed decisions related to the business and customer services, he also said that “a lot of Zomato employees have hosted weather stations at their homes. As we look forward to further expanding this infrastructure, we welcome volunteers who want to provide us space on their premises to install these weather stations and contribute to nation-building.”


The launching of WeatherUnion.com, India’s First crowd-supported weather monitoring service by Zomato has marked a significant step in the utilisation of technology for social benefits other than the core business use, Zomato is opening free access to this through an Application program interface(API) to all institutions and companies in the country. This giveback from Zomato also shows its commitment towards innovation.

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