Wrong Average Price & Date - off market transfer from other broker

Hi, I have transferred 37 shares of KRBL from Zerodha to Angel with average buy price of 317, But after the off market transfer process via CDSL easiest, the quantity is transferred correctly but the average by price is rounded off to the transfer date closing price.

Kindly assist in adjusting/modifying the Original buy price and the data as well.

Hi @Shivanand Since there is no private messaging option here on Community & we do not encourage our clients to share their private information publicly, we request you to visit this link: https://tinyurl.com/yehe6xau 4and share your details. We’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

PS: We do not encourage anyone to share their public details like (email id, contact details, Client Code etc). Please refrain from adding these details on the public forum like this.

Hello, I have submitted the requested details in the form. Please address the problem as soon as possible

Hello @AngelOne1 It has been 9 days since the details have been shared with you as requested. Any update on the question ??

Hi @Shivanand You might have received an email regarding the same, can you please share the ticket number for us to check?