Rashi Peripheral IPO

"Starting Wednesday, you can subscribe to Rashi Peripheral’s IPO! The price range for each share is set between Rs 295 to Rs 311. Rashi aims to collect Rs 600 crore through this IPO.

If you don’t know, Rashi is a top distributor of IT hardware and software products across India. They deal in two main areas: personal computing and lifestyle & IT essentials. They work closely with big global tech brands like Dell, HP, Asus, and Logitech. Although Rashi’s market share in full laptops and desktops is relatively low (10% each), they dominate in specific products like graphic cards (47%) and CPUs (45%). By September 2023, they have built a distribution network with 40 branches and 63 warehouses, covering about 700 locations throughout India. Interestingly, in the pre-IPO placement round, Madhu Kela’s wife, Madhuri, invested in the company.

Rashi saw a significant boost in business due to Covid-19; their revenue jumped by 76% compared to the previous year in FY22."