Nurturing innovation from an early age: JSW Unveils MuSo, a children's museum for the future

JSW Unveils MuSo, a children’s museum for the future

This post delves into JSW’s visionary investment of Rs 210 crore in MuSo, a transformative venture that transcends conventional education for a brighter and innovative future.

In a pioneering move, the JSW Group has injected Rs 210 crore into the establishment of the Museum of Solutions (MuSo), a revolutionary experiential children’s museum situated in Mumbai’s vibrant Lower Parel commercial hub. This groundbreaking initiative is meticulously crafted to nurture the art of finding solutions and inspire a generation of innovative thinkers.

An Experiential Oasis for Inquisitive Minds

MuSo, sprawling across an impressive 1 lakh square feet and spanning seven floors, exemplifies JSW’s dedication to nurturing creativity and knowledge acquisition among young minds. Geared towards children aged 3 and above, the museum offers diverse exhibitions, interactive activities, and immersive learning experiences. Embracing an inventive educational methodology, MuSo promotes hands-on exploration and playful learning, ensuring a rewarding experience for both children and their families.

About MuSo

MuSo, with its three foundational pillars of being boldly child-led, radically inclusive, and rooted in reality, is an institution dedicated to providing unique and personal journeys for children. By fostering individuality, encouraging connections among diverse groups, and grounding experiences in the real world, MuSo aims to create an environment where children can shape their own views and relationships.

The overarching purpose of MuSo is to inspire, enable, and empower children to bring about meaningful change in the world by recognizing their uniqueness, experimenting with diverse methodologies, and encouraging critical thinking and innovation. MuSo’s commitment lies in nurturing a generation of thoughtful and creative individuals poised to make a positive impact on the world.

MuSo has implemented an innovative pricing strategy, offering 50% subsidized tickets ranging from $400 to $600 per student. Collaborating with local schools, the museum aims to host over 250 school groups annually. To enhance accessibility, MuSo has introduced “Free Mondays,” anticipating an annual influx of more than 50,000 children through this initiative alone.

Empowering Young Changemakers

Taking a visionary approach, MuSo aims to establish the MuSo Changemakers Council, comprising Mumbai’s diverse youth aged 11-14. Engaging in leadership training, addressing youth-centric challenges, and advising the museum on strategy and policies, the council is set to commence in 2024. Enlistment for council members will occur through an open call for participation, empowering young minds to drive meaningful change.

MuSo Founder’s Vision for Child Empowerment

Founder Tanvi Jindal Shete envisions MuSo as a platform to empower children as changemakers through hands-on activities and self-directed learning. The museum strives to equip children with the skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to global well-being. Emphasizing MuSo’s mission to encourage children to embrace failure as a part of the learning process and instil in them the resilience to try again, Shete envisions a bright future for children as JSW Group’s investment propels MuSo’s impactful educational initiatives.

As JSW Group’s investment paves the way for MuSo’s impactful educational initiatives, the Museum of Solutions emerges as a beacon for unlocking the potential within every child. With its bold, child-led approach and commitment to inclusivity, MuSo is poised to inspire, enable, and empower the next generation to bring about meaningful change in the world.

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