Incomplete ELSS STATEMENT getting downloaded

I recently opened a ticket 13119221 where my investments were not correctly reflected in the “Scheduled Investments for future” section of my ELSS Statement, after I did a step up in my investment. But afterwards, the entire “Scheduled Investments for future” section is not available in the ELSS statement. It is required as it gives a conclusive overview of the investments for the complete FY, and is helpful during investment declaration at employers portal as well as ITR portal. Please look into it and resolve it at the earliest.

Hi @Kshubham538 Welcome to Angel One Community! While we get this looked into, could you please help us with your Client ID?

Client ID: K52276370

Hi @AngelOne , can you please provide any updates regarding the same?

Hi @Kshubham538 the team has been informed and is looking into the issue, please give us sometime to get back to you!

Sure @AngelOne , Please let me know once there is an update.

Hi @AngelOne
Please let me know if there is any development regarding the issue. I downloaded my ELSS declaration today and the issue is still there

Hi @AngelOne
Awaiting response on the resolution.