How to participate in Wipro buyback

Hi team,

I didn’t see buy back option under my account L88137 . I did received any mail from Angel. Also I called for poa form which is not yet received

Please guide me as soon as possible


Hi Anup, I am also waiting for the same even though I have spoken to Angel customer care few days back, they said will send the process through mail but till now not received any response from Angel One. Seems like Angel Customer Service is very poor. Will be looking to migrate to “Upstock” or any other trading platform soon.

he Wipro share buyback offer has already closed on July 8, 2023. If you didn’t see the buyback option under your account L88137, it means that you didn’t hold enough shares to participate in the buyback. The minimum number of shares required to participate in the buyback was 100.

If you had called for a POA form, it would have been sent to you by Angel Broking. However, since the buyback offer has already closed, there is no need to submit the POA form.

I hope this helps!