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Biocon signs exclusive licensing and supply agreement with Handok

Biocon Limited has announced signing an exclusive licensing and supply agreement with Handok, a specialized pharmaceutical company based out of South Korea. This partnership aims to facilitate the commercialization of Synthetic Liraglutide, a complex drug product, catering to chronic weight management.

Why Biocon?

Synthetic Liraglutide, administered via pre-filled pens, serves as an addition to a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity for managing obesity effectively, aligning with Biocon’s commitment to offering accessible and innovative medications in the South Korean Market.

Collaborative Endeavors

Under the terms of the agreement, Biocon will lead the development, manufacturing, and supply aspects of Synthetic Liraglutide, while Handok will take charge of regulatory approvals and commercialization within the South Korean market. Handok, renowned for its expertise in diabetes management, aims to leverage this collaboration to expand its portfolio into the obesity sector, strengthening its competitive stance in the global market.

Market Potential and Alignment

Biocon Ltd has expressed optimism about the strategic partnership with Handok as this collaboration not only facilitates broader access to Synthetic Liraglutide but also showcases Biocon’s dedication to expanding globally. With an estimated total addressable market opportunity of approximately $47 million in Korea, the partnership is set to tap into a significant market segment, benefiting both patients and stakeholders.

Market Reaction

The share price of Biocon jumped 4.52% to Rs.330.10 each at 10:25 today, after the announcement of this deal with South Korea-based Handok. Additionally, the stock is no longer under the F&O ban today, allowing for the creation of new positions in the stock.

Conclusion: This collaboration and the global reach of both companies anticipate a successful launch and growth trajectory in the Korean market. This partnership not only marks a significant milestone in addressing the healthcare needs of patients but also reflects the potential for continued innovation and collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry.

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