Application rejected for PAN

My application rejected for PAN is not clear, how will it resolve

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There are no option for update pan, wher will it send

With your problem mail us on also attached ss of issue

Hi , I have already sent deletion request on your application , you may wait till Monday and reapply , please refer the other thread

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Sir pan verify rejected so pleas deleted my account 9306915481

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Hello sir, My application rejected for PAN. Please help me.

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My application for PAN update is still pending .

Mine application was rejected too

My PAN update application is still pending

If your PAN application was rejected due to unclear documentation, you’ll need to review the rejection letter for specific details on why it was unclear. Once you understand the reasons, you can address them by providing the necessary clarification or additional documentation. If you’re unsure about anything, contacting the PAN authorities for guidance would be advisable.

Review the documentation requirements carefully and ensure that all documents are clear and legible before submitting their application again. Additionally, double-check for any missing or incomplete information could help avoid future rejections.