About KYC updation status

My KYC status pending from 25 august onwards . raised ticket on same day but not yet resolved till now
id P500773. thank u for understanding

Hi @prabhuar8 thank you for providing the Client ID, sorry to hear that you are facing the issue, we asked the team to look into the issue, your name is a mis match on the application, also your contact number has not been validated for the KRA. We’d request you to kindly check these details and perform Re-KRA through this link >> KRA

The process already completed on 1st sep itself but till not activated

what happen my account got activated or not please do the needful???

Hi @prabhuar8 Can you please confirm if you did the Re-KRA process?


received mail from angel one regarding Kyc like this "Thank you for submitting your e-KYC verification details and your information has been securely sent to the KRA.

What next??? still stuggling to place order

Hi @prabhuar8 The KRA agency also requires time to revalidate your details and hence, it may take 4-7 days.

Hi @prabhuar8 The KYC team has forwarded the request to reactivate your account to Exchange/CDSL, and it will be activated soon. We believe this has been informed to you by the team over a phone call and also replied via Email.

The KRA agency usually takes 5 to 7 business days to verify and update KRA registration and validation status. Once the process is completed at the KRA agency end, the KRA-validated codes are activated within 48 hours

Take your own time. Active with other broker.