800% Multibagger return; Suzlon secures an order for their 3 MW series turbines from Juniper Green Energy!

Suzlon Group, India’s leading provider of renewable energy solutions, announced that the company has secured a significant order today.

According to the press release, the company has secured an order for its 3 MW product series to support the development of a 50.4 MW wind power project for Juniper Green Energy Private Limited. The company will oversee the installation of 16 wind turbine generators (WTGs) featuring their innovative Hybrid Lattice Tubular (HLT) tower, each with a rated capacity of 3.15 MW. The project is located in the Dwarka district of Gujarat and is scheduled for commissioning in 2025.

This marks a recurring order for the company’s most substantial turbine, the 3.15 MW S144-140m from the 3 MW series. Under the terms of the agreement, the company will deliver the wind turbines (equipment supply) and oversee the entire project, encompassing installation and commissioning. Furthermore, it will offer comprehensive post-commissioning operations and maintenance services.

The Suzlon 3 MW Series:

Suzlon Group, the largest renewable energy solutions provider in India, has recently announced its 3 MW series of wind turbines. With the primary objective of increasing generation, reducing the cost of energy, and contributing to ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India), this series represents a significant milestone for the company and the country’s wind energy sector.

Suzlon’s 3 MW turbines feature a 144-meter rotor diameter and are designed to unlock low wind sites, delivering improved energy yield suitable for all Indian wind regimes. With local content of up to 85-90% upon its official release, this series demonstrates Suzlon’s commitment to innovation and self-reliance.

Share Performance:

At the beginning of the day, the stock started trading at Rs 31.99 per share, marking a 1.65% increase from the previous day’s closing price of Rs 31.47 per share on the BSE. As of writing this article, the stock is trading at Rs 32.15 per share, marking a gain of 2.16% from its previous closing price.

The current market capitalisation of the company stands at Rs 43,576 crore, and the stock has exhibited exceptional performance in recent periods, delivering an impressive multibagger return of more than 294% over the past one year.

Investors must keep this stock on their radar.

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